House Rules

The following feats will be removed. All characters count as having taken these for the purpose of prerequisites.

  1. Power Attack/Piranha Strike/Deadly Aim – All characters will be able to increase their damage at the expense of accuracy without taking these feats. This mechanic works as normal at a 2:1 or 3:1 rate based on your character’s BAB and weapon.
  2. Weapon Finesse – All weapons that work for the purpose of weapon finesse are inherently finessable. The Agile Weapon enchantment, or a similar class feature is still needed in order to get Dexterity to damage.
  3. Precise Shot – The effects of this feat have been added to Point Blank Shot so Precise shot is no longer required.
  4. Combat Expertise – This effect can now be done by any character without the need to take the feat.
  5. Spell Focus(Anything) – Choose a school to get a free Spell Focus in. This only applies once per character.
  6. Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Anything) – All exotic weapons now count as Martial Weapons for the purposes of proficiencies.


  1. The Spring Loaded Wrist Sheath is no longer available. The fastest way to retrieve an item is via a move action unless you have feats/class features that say otherwise.
  2. Any magical thing with a Caster Level higher than 8 is not available.
    • Items with wonky CLs such as Pearl of Power can be brought up to the GM to determine if they are available.
    • Weapon and Armor properties with a CL higher than 8 are not available.
  3. Weapons and Armor no longer need a +1 enchantment add Special Abilities to them.
  4. Weapons without the +1 enchantment do not bypass DR Magic.
  5. Weapons and Armor can only be enchanted up to a maximum of +2.
    • A weapon can be +2, +1 Flaming, or Flaming and Cold.


  1. The max level of characters in the game is 8. For every 8000 exp a character gains after level 8, they may take a new feat that they would qualify for.
  2. Characters may only take a maximum of 4 “Extra” feats of the same kind., such as Extra Rage Power, or Extra Combat Trick. A character can take Extra Rage Power 4 times, then Extra Combat Trick 4 times without issue.
  3. Summoners (Base, or Unchained) are not allowed.
  4. Dimension door is removed from the game.

Character Creation:

  1. Starting Build Points: We will be using a 20 point buy for stats
  2. Starting Gold: Each character starts at level 2, with 1000 gold.
  3. HP: Characters get full HP at level 1, then Half+1 HP for every level up.
  4. Source BooksAny material from any Paizo book (this means no third-party) will be allowed.
  5. DM ApporvalAny and all character choices are subject to DM approval. This includes races, feats, items, spell selection, etc.

New Rules/Mechanics:

  1. EXP: I am Introducing EXP into the game, so get ready to track some numbers.
    • Players who are not present during a session will receive half of the exp gained by other players during the session.
    • Resurrection from the dead in any capacity, with the exception of Breath of Life, reduces your total exp by 5%, In unlucky cases, it is possible to delevel due to this.
  2. Crafting: We will not be doing crafting in this game.
  3. Skills: Each class that has 2+Int skills per level has 4+int skills per level. This does mean if you dumped Intelligence, you may end up with fewer skills than you had before.
  4. Healing: All healing items (wands, potions) now heal as if the caster level of the item is equal to your character level. If you have a Cure Light Wounds Wand and are level 4, it will heal 1d8+4. If you have a Cure Serious Potion and are level 8, it will heal 3d8+8. If you are level 14, Cure Light Wounds will still only heal 1d8+5 due to CLW’s healing cap.
    • All characters have their HP restored to full at the end of each combat at no cost. Status effects and afflictions must still be healed as normal.
  5. Initiative: I will be enforcing a time limit for turns in combat for PCs. At the start of each player’s turn, the player will have 5 seconds to begin describing their action. If they have not done so (e.g are not paying attention or do not have an idea in mind), they will be put on delay until the next time they want to come back in. Once they have started, they will have up to 30 seconds to complete their turns not including damage calculations. Conversing with other party members for help or to exchange ideas does not count against this time limit.
  6. CMB/CMD: If a PC does not have the “Improved Combat Maneuver” feat, performing the combat maneuver only provokes an attack of opportunity in the event of failure.(e.g. If Max does not have any feats to disarm a weapon but wants to against an opponent, he only provokes an AOO if he rolls his CMB check and fails against the opponent’s CMD. The Improved Combat Maneuver feats function as normal.
  7. Movement: Diagonals on the grid no longer count as 10 feet. Instead, all movement along the grid counts as 5 feet. This includes both reach and AoEs.
  8. Trapfinding: All magical traps can now be disabled by Disable Device without the need or Trapfinding, or a similar class feature.

House Rules

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